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NanoEdge AI-generated datalogger .bin for STEVAL-STWINBX-1 not sending data through USB



I need assistance on an embedded AI project on NanoEdge AI Studio using the STEVAL-STWINBX-1 as target.

After generating a binary file with NanoEdge AI Studio "Data Logger" utility for the STWINBX-1, then programming it on the board with STM32CubeProgrammer, I can't get any output on the serial. After investigating, I discovered the COM port wasn't even showing up on windows device manager. 

Therefore, my question is, how do I get the binary generated by NanoEdge AI Studio DataLogger to work for logging accelerometer data?


Debugging steps taken:
The datalogger was generated by selecting the STWINBX-1 in the NEAI Studio Datalogger tab.

I tried generating for different sensors (IIS3DWB, ISM330DHCX), neither worked.

I tried programming the datalogger code after cloning it from the github repo ( GitHub - stm32-hotspot/stm32ai-nanoedge-datalogger: STM32 Application for datalogging feature with NanoEdge AI Studio ), but that didn't solve the issue. This did however allow me to debug directly in STM32Cube, and it seems that the data writing function works correctly (io_putchar) and is getting accelerometer data.

I made no modifications to the ST/Cartesiam code.

I've checked if the code was correctly written to the board, so I tried programming with both USB and STLINKV2. The code is succesfully written but the issue of no serial output remains.

I'm not getting this problem when programming the STWINBX-1 with the FP-AI-MONITOR2 function pack (AI:FP-AI-MONITOR2 user manual - stm32mcu), the serial client interface is fully functional and I can send and receive commands, COM port shows up on Device Manager. 

Thanks 🙂


Update :
I switched to the B-U585-IOT02A board instead. The datalogger works correctly. It's very likely the whole project will be ported to that board.

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @abdullah_almahdi ,

Welcome to ST Community!

Have you already solved your issue?

Using  the STWINBX-1,  UART transmission is done using the STLINK USB. If you didn't solve, can you try to read the serial through the STLINK USB Port at 115200 ? Connect a USB cable to the STLink and open a serial console @115200

Let me know.

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