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alarm and sound

Associate II


I would like to do the following but since I don't have the necessary skills I ask you. If possible, I prefer to control everything with the keys.

I make a list of the functions that I would like to implement:


- wake up in the morning with a piece of music chosen at random from a list of music files in memory (each time a different music file is chosen. I had thought of a clock radio but I think it is better this way).

- daily or weekly alarm programming (i.e. the right to choose on which days the alarm should sound).

- automatic update of summer time - winter time

- buffer battery in case of power blackout (in this case I think the alarm with buzzer is better to consume little energy and not risk resetting the buffer battery)

- alarm disabling


- audio player with output that goes to the external I2s DAC.

four keys for playback, but I specify that each key corresponds to a single e

SINGLE music file. so in all 4 music files, of course they are different from each other.

- each key has the infinite loop function (when the song ends it restarts automatically).

- when the alarm time comes, the previous audio playback must be deactivated to allow the alarm to be activated.

- shutdown button.

I have never programmed and in general I have no programming knowledge but I know the principles of electronics.

to get the audio section I thought of using the ADkey mode as it is adopted by some play Mp3 / wav boards that are on the market. however I don't know if it can also be done with STM board.

if this were possible, I would only have the programming for the alarm clock section.

I have already found a piece of the program, the one for daylight saving time

it's for arduino and i don't know if it's good for STM too. you will tell me this.

bye thank you

Senior III

Hi @arivel1​ ,

And welcome to ST Community ! =)

ST offers everything necessary to do the projects you listed.

With the STM32Cube, you can find a set of tools and embedded software bricks available free of charge to enable fast and easy development on the STM32 platform which simplifies and speeds up developers’ work.

ST offers a lot of examples and applications that can help you to start; for example you can refer to the RTC_Alarm available on the FW package correspondent to the MCU/Board you want to work with. You can also refer to the audio applications offered by ST that are available in the FW.

I think an STM32H7 discovery board can respond to all what you are looking for (it is only a proposition based on what you described but you can choose what you want). Most of ST discovery boards that contain a screen come with an interesting demo that you will find so useful for you.

I also recommend to use TouchGFX, which will help you to design your screens with simple ways.

Please see TouchGFX Demo on STM32H750B-DK and ST TouchGFX Demo Video

For more videos: visit this link.

I really hope this is helpful!

Best Regards,


Associate II

is there a guide, a tutorial, in text format?

Hi @arivel1​ ,

You can refer to these application notes : AN4759 & AN4309.

Best Regards,


Associate II

no sorry I was referring to the STM32Cube software

Associate II

I tried but for me it is too complicated.

is there anyone willing to do it on payment ?

Associate II

I found some programs on the net, each one performs its function.

for example i found the one for solar-legal change but for arduino and another program that sends audio to the I2S output.

the question is: if I find other programs that perform the remaining functions, can I assemble them together?

once this is done, can you help me to correct any errors?