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Interrupt Priority Management


Hi ;

I am having a confussion on how to set the interrupt priority of a desired peripheral . I am using IAR IDE version 3.11.1 and the MCU is STM8S103F3F6 . I need to know which interrupt table IRQ number I should take account to configure the interrupt priority . The vector numbers listed in ST's manuals for STM8 are offset by 2 compared to the vector numbers used by EWSTM8. In this case which table should I take account to set the interrupt priority of TIM1 Overflow update interrupt ? Should I set the VECT13SPR or VECT11SPR ?

Here is the code line in iostm8s103f3.h

#define TIM1_OVR_UIF_vector                  13 /* IRQ No. in STM8 manual: 11 */

Regards .