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Reinitialize MIPI-DSI registers



I am using stm32mp157c processor with kernel version 5.10.10 over custom carrier board.

I interfaced LVDS display via sn65dsi83 which is MIPI-DSI to LVDS converter and its working fine.
Now i am integrating the interrupt generated by my sn65dsi83 ( which is usually generated when there is any problem in DSI lines ). Refer interrupt.patch how i integrated my interrupt.

This patch works fine and when interrupt is generated my irq_thread is called. In which i wrote a simple print function.
I generate interrrupt using devmem tool. I use this tool to change my DSI register settings. This force my display to go off and black screen appears. when this happens and interrupt is generated and irq_thread is called.

Now want my interrupt handler to reinitialize my MIPI-DSI registers so that my display will be back in action.

I tried using drm_mipi_dsi_soft_reset() function. but i think this funtion don't reinitialize registers.

is there is any way to to do it ??

Thank you for help 🙂