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When would you like to fix all this drawbacks from CubeMonitor?

Associate III
  • If the Elf file (executable) has been modified, CubeMonitor does not recognize the changes like STM Studio and the user has to open every single variable node and click on edit exe config node. After this, the addresses has been updated. This is very buggy because the user have the wrong addresses and the measurements are corrupted.
  • If you stop the acquisition and change the group on the dashboard all the graphics are cleared and the measurements have been gone.
  • If you have on dashboard more groups, then to start/stop acquisition you have always to change the group. If you want to have in every group a start stop acquisition button like STM studio, then you have to implement for every group two new button nodes. That means a lot of waist of time and confusing flows.
  • Subflows and switch nodes does not have a search ability, so if you want to filter a variable you have to now exactly the name or to copy paste the name. That is a very big waist of time.
  • In edit exe config node the filter on variable are case sensitive and that makes no sense, because if the variable has the name MyVariableToCalibrate, then you have to know every upper/lowcase char and to write the variable correctly. If the search was case insensitive then it is enough to write myvar and object has been found.
ST Employee

Hello @NTosi​ 

Thank you for your feedbacks

  • Concerning elf file, since 1.3.0 version of STM32CubeMonitor , elf modifications are detected by the tool
  • Concerning case sensitive search, I've raised a request to the dev team to evaluate the feasibility
  • Concerning other points, I'm afraid most are node-red linked behaviors and will be difficult to change


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