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Wrong returned value in the library function SD_initialize()?

Associate II

I am having problem with FATFS remounting with Cube IDE and STM327H50.  Tracing the program surfaced the SD_initialize() function which is defined in the ST library file  FATFS/Target/sd_diskio.c

The problem is that when BSP_SD_Init() failed, SD_initialize() returns whatever value previous functions left in the variable Stat, which can cause SD_initialize() to sometimes return OK even if BSP_SD_Init() failed.

Am I missing something?



  * @brief  Initializes a Drive
  * @PAram  lun : not used
  * @retval DSTATUS: Operation status
DSTATUS SD_initialize(BYTE lun)
#if !defined(DISABLE_SD_INIT)
  if(BSP_SD_Init() == MSD_OK)
    Stat = SD_CheckStatus(lun);
  Stat = SD_CheckStatus(lun);
  return Stat;