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Prebuild Command Variables in STM32CubeIDE

Associate II


I have a expecting two inputs from the environment. I also have a script.bat that curls in these two inputs, for the I linked these two scripts via && in the prebuild command step setting in the IDE. 

In the build steps command setting in the CubeIDE, I have:



"script.bat" && "../../" "../.." "${input1}" "${input2}"



where input1 and input2 are set in the script.bat:

set input1=%curled_in_value%
set input2=%curled_in_value%


From the IDE build console, it looks like the input variables are not recognized as variables:



I have verified that .bat curled and sets the variables as expected. It appears to me the missing link is in the prebuild command script not recognizing the input variable, which could have been caused by the variables I set in the .bat not within the scope when executing the


I am using the STM32Cube IDE Version: 1.7.0
Build: 10852_20210715_0634 (UTC)