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LoRa Base Station


here I am using P-Nucleo-lrwan3 package. It is working with 433/470 MHz RF . 

I am trying to connect the gateway with loriot server, But it is not Happening I am Trying Multiple servers and Multiple Regions ( , frequency regions (EU433,CN470) and

I changed the server id and frequency band in Gateway configuration using AT Commands.

I tried base platform packet forwarder semtech, packet forwarder STM, Packet Forwarder P-nucleo-Lrwan2,3, and Semtech Base Station.

i also contacted the Loriot support team they told try above base platforms. and setup for base station  they given document for setup base station here we need to authenticate the TLS CA certificate and TLS Key. Loriot support Team saying ST community need to tell how to import those in to GateWay.

please tell me is there any different way to connect the P-Nucleo-Lrwan3 gateway.


Thank you Advance. 

my English is not that much good sorry.