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Issue using CubeIDE higher than 1.11.2 with H7 (Nucleo-H745 and custom-Board with STM32H745BIT6

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I still have to remain in CubeIDE V 1.11.2 cause every higher version KILLS my existing projects!

My main problem is (perhaps there are much more problems I don't even know right now..?..), that when I open (with the CubeMX integrated in CubeIDE) my long-lasting (and always working!!) .ioc-files of existing projects no longer offers the possibility to choose the option for:


It is simply not present any more !!

One of my projects was a template of the Nucleo-H745 and the other is a STM32H745BIT6-Custom-Board - both started by scratch with CubeIDE (Version about 2 years ago).

The result: Compiling and starting the project leads to a bricked Nucleo-Board which only can re-animated by using the Boot-Pin and cleaning the Flash with CubeProgrammer

Looking in the newer CubeIDEs the "PWR_DIRECT_SMPS_SUPPLY"-Option is simply not present => Why ??

If I start a complete new project the option is there again... => Aha !!


What does this mean: Do I have to do all the other settings again and set up a complete new project ??

Do You think that only YOU at ST earn money with your life-time and all we other idiots (like your other customers an me) love to spend hours/days/weeks of our life-time to have fun with struggling with the mysterys you give us "for free" ??

That is not the way I want to work.

...and even....

If there are non-solveable problems - please write about them in the errata...

...and explain how to solve them...

In this way you at least won't loose your face...

P.S.: By the way: I absolutely hate forced cloud-connections - Why shall my CubeIDE now must always be logged in to your cloud (or what ever)??



Rant aside, the IOC file is text. Likely you can examine and fix whatever went wrong. Or include it here and someone can examine.

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