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I am trying to discover things about the IDE, but there is a problem. The IDE's information centre isn't working. Clicking on the blue I, information gives me the following error:

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/...../workspace/.metadata/.plugins/ No such file or directory, on a linux OS. But I can find it manually! The file links in that document point to non existent directory in the path. The path is opt/st/stm32cubeide_1.0.1/plugins/, but following that path brings me to a bad directory in the path, the path says stm32cubeide_1.01.1 but on my system the only similar name is stm32cubeide_1.6.0. Is it possible for me to repair this error so I can get on learning about debugging ?

thank you for any help that you may give.


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Maybe, if you tag your post "bug report" it will be fixed some day. Meanwhile I would recommend locating and reading the .pdf without the IDE. There is also a good debugging app note available online: STM32 microcontroller debug toolbox as well as some helpful online videos.

happy debugging


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How on earth do I add a tag? I see nothing with anything lie "tag" on it. I have been ****** lucky to find my way here! Is it possible for me to tag it now? I do see something called flag, is that what you mean. There seems to NOTHING here in the way of explanation. How is anyone supposed to know what is and what is not possible? Thank you for the reference to the application note, I think I need to read that, at least that.

As for finding the pdf are they also available on line? It looks a herculean task to search all 700-odd items for I have no idea what.

Let me apologise for my attitude, but it is the end of a long day trying just to achieve just one thing, what with all the things I find incomprehensible in the framework that I downloaded, thinks that look like compiler directives in the comments et al.


In your post, on the top-right is a drop-down arrow. I meant "Edit Topics", sorry for the confusion. Was surprised, that I can edit it for your post, and so I did it already.

> task to search all 700-odd items f

$ find ./plugins -name "*.pdf"

lists 74 entries for me.

> so I can get on learning about debugging

I really recommend the above app note or the videos for a walk through.

If you have specific questions, drop a new post.



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Thank you for doing that for me. And yes, you are right about searching. When I initially posted here I had no idea what to expect. I looked at that debug guide you pointed out to me and from that I discovered the wiki through that guide and there is a guide aimed at beginners and that is more to my liking. I thank you very much for pointing out that guide.




Maybe, in case you tag your publish "malicious program document" it is going to be constant some day. Meanwhile I could advocate finding and analyzing the .Pdf without the IDE. There is also an awesome debugging app notice available online here as well as a few useful online movies..

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Hi Pete,

It looks like there's a path mismatch in your STM32CubeIDE setup. Here’s a possible solution:

  1. Check Version Consistency: Ensure that the version of STM32CubeIDE installed matches the version indicated in the paths (e.g., update to 1.6.0 if you have 1.0.1).
  2. Reinstall or Repair: Consider reinstalling STM32CubeIDE. Sometimes, a clean installation fixes path issues.
  3. Update Paths Manually: If you can find the missing files manually, update the paths in your IDE settings to point to the correct directories.
  4. Symbolic Links: Create symbolic links from the expected directories to the actual ones using ln -s [actual path] [expected path] in the terminal.
  5. Documentation Update: Sometimes, documentation within the IDE may need updating or reconfiguration.

If none of these work, contacting STMicroelectronics support or checking their forums for similar issues might provide a solution.

Good luck!