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GUI로 STM32(STM32F407 기타 칩) 이더넷 통신에 사용할 IP 수정 방법

Associate II

Currently, I am doing Ethernet communication with the STM32F series. However, I know that I need to set the Ethernet address in IOC to use Ethernet. But I want to change the Ethernet address while doing Ethernet communication in the GUI I made.
Simply put, if my laptop is, if I want to change it to
I want to communicate by simply changing the address from the IOC to the board through Ethernet communication, not firmware (so that only the Ethernet address can be changed, not the bootloader)

Is there such a way

1. Currently, the board is working (while communicating over Ethernet)
2. Trying to change Ethernet address ( ->
However, only the Ethernet address, not the bootloader, is sent through communication and nothing else is changed.
3. When you turn on the power again, the Ethernet address should be changed to the desired Ethernet address and communication should be established.