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Demo source code for STM32F469I-DISCO 32F469IDISCOVERY board to use within STM32CubeIDE

Associate II

For the new STM32F469I-DISCO board (i.e. 32F469IDISCOVERY), version DK32F469I$AU1, is the demo source code available anywhere in a STM32CubeIDE supported project or IOC? So, someway to compile and test/debug the complete demo in STM32CubeIDE? webpage for STM32F469I-DISCO only shows compiled demo and the STM32CubeF4.

But, STM32CubeF4 doesn't contain any STM32CubeIDE compatible projects (?) It'll be excellent if new STM32CubeF4 update is provided that contains STM32CubeIDE projects.

In this post Demos for STM32F746G-DISCO or STM32F469I-DISCO Not Working someone pointed to this github project RTwTools/STM32F469I-Discovery  But even this project fails to build in STM32Cube.

ST Employee

Hello @testcode99 and welcome to the STCommunity 🙂,

No demonstration software is provided from 32F469IDISCOVERY, version DK32F469I$AU1. Please refer to UM1932.


-> But, STM32CubeF4 doesn't contain any STM32CubeIDE compatible projects (?) 

I recommend you to take a look to UM2579 . This document is a brief guide explaining how to import projects from System Workbench for STM32 (SW4STM32) to STM32CubeIDE.

Thank you for your contribution in STCommunity.


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Thanks for the reply.

It's very disappointing that no demo software is available for 32F469IDISCOVERY version DK32F469I$AU1. Unless ones looks in UM1932 closely, it's not obvious from the 32F469IDISCOVERY webpage. On the webpage, "you might also like" points to STM32CubeF4. But you have said F4 demo wont work for this rev of board (i.e. no demo software is available, even what is in F4). Another point is the compiled demo binary is also available on the 32F469IDISCOVERY webpage under tools & software (32F469IDiscovery tools-software) . It doesnt mention not being compatible with new rev boards.

Importing the GPIO_EXT project for 32F469IDISCOVERY from STM32CubeF4 using STM32CubeIDE ver 1.13.2 shows compiler errors. Opening new another post for that question.