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FAQ: STM32MP1 what graphical stack and IDEs are available

What is offered for graphics development on the STM32MP157 ecosystem?



1)      GPU user manual

You can find there GPU document for STM32MP1: m/resource/en/programming_manual/dm00596687-stm32mp157-gpu-application-programming-manual-stmicroelectronics.pdf 
STM32MP157GPUTK is no longer available.
It is replaced by VSI IDE which needs a specific license.
You are invited to contact Verisilicon company to get agreement in using VSI IDE.

2)QT examples

An example of QT is provided refer to

examples provided by bootlin


3) IDE for developping graphics

ST does not provide any specific environment for graphical userspace application.

ST does not provide more examples or support for gtk framework

Customer can work directly in developer package as for the gtk_hello_world simple example

Generic user space application build and debug will be supported in context of STM32CubeIDE roadmap.

It is up to customer to find the best solution for his development, it can either prospect by itself for Eclipse solution in community or either sub-contract to a third party its graphical development

All the framework or applications provided in the Open-embbeded project (compiled with bitbake world)are available on ST server for protoyping
So with basic knowledge and community help customer should be able to rapidly prototype some graphics applications on ST board.

Two majors partners for industrial graphic applications offer solutions to build GUI with STM32MP1:

  • Crank
  • Embedded Wizard
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