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USART is really working in stmp157 ?

Associate II

Hi All,

i am using stmp157 customize board, with linux yocto build system, and using USART1 configure as a hardware flow control RS 232, and RTO interrupt.


and what i found is that CTSIF is not toggling and the proper status are not getting update on CTS from USART SR register. on plug and unplug the usart cable,


i expect when unplug the cable i should get CTSIF event and the status of CTS line.


where the USART1, tx, rx, rts, cts all are set to alternate function and i confirm the linux cflag in stm32-uart.c is true, which the cr3 reg- CTSE and RTSE got set.


1.  unplug/ or removing any one of line, i do see still tx is sending the characters/frames,

2. unplug and plug activity checking with or without other device, but i observe the USART cts line is toggling on the oscilloscope.

3. but no interrupt is been observed on stm32_interrupt(irq, *ptr) - stm32-usart.c


Has any one faced this issue on your board and fixed it please do let me know. Thank you.



Associate II

Hello expertise! Could you provide information? Let me know if you need more details.


Associate II

Hello Anyone is there to help me on this issue,

Please give me guidance for this problem.