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STM32MP1 Ecosystem known bugs and common pitfalls

ST Employee

EDIT December 2020 : all issues and limitations mentioned in this article are fixed and integrated in latest Ecosystem V2.1

Hi Community members, MP1 fans,

Given significant number of posts we received from the delivery of Ecosystem V2.0 in July this year, it appears that some clarification are required in order to drive you among the STM32MP1 ecosystem offers.

ST is providing and supporting 2 different ecosystem environments, including tools and documentations.

Ecosystem V2.0 :

Released in July this year.

Include version Openstlinux-5.4-dunfell-mp1-20-06-24 ( Kernel 5.4, Yocto Dunfell)

Please refer and read carefully the Release Note for all components and tools version details.

The today wiki site address exclusively the V2.0 ecosystem.

Ecosystem V1.2

Delivered in February this year.

Include version Openstlinux-20-02-19 ( Kernel 4.19, Yocto Thud)

Please refer and read carefully the Release Note for all components and tool version details.

Wiki documentation compliant with V1.x released has been backup in this specific new url:

IMPORTANT NOTE : you cannot mix element from various ecosystem.

You need to use and keep it as a whole.

For example, some common pitfalls you may have encounters :

  • You cannot upgrade to kernel 5.4 ( V2.0) with a BSP from V1.2
  • You have to use the relevant Tools (STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeProgrammer etc .. ) version for each ecosystem
    • V2.0 -> STM32CubeMX V6.0.x / STM32CubeIDE V1.4
    • V1.2 -> STMCubeMX V5.6 / STM32CubeIDE V1.3
    • V1.1 -> STMCubeMX V5.4 / STM32CubeIDE V1.2

Known bugs in Openstlinux-5.4-dunfell-mp1-20-06-24 (Ecosystem V2.0) :

Like any new software this ecosystem is in maturation phase and few bugs have already been identified and fixed.


STM32CubeIDE vs OpenSTLinux misalignement on “ciphers�? support :


Symptom : Prevent to load M4 firmware in Production mode

Seen in post :


Starter package : fixed

Developper Package : not visible

Distribution package : Patch delivered on github


TF-A :


  1. GPIO clock not enabled in BL32

Symptom is described in this post :

Fix provided in github hot-fix tag :

  1. Tf-a serial not properly build by Developer package


See post :

Fix provided in the post.

Will be integrated in next ecosystem V2.1 major release


U-Boot :


  1. Issue while compiling for STM32MP151 or STM32MP153

Symptom described and patch available in this post :

Will be integrated in next major version.


Integration of hot-fix / minor release in your environment :

Most of patches mention above has been delivered as hot-fix and will composed the coming minor release V2.0.1.

Please follow those link for complete guideline to update your environment with latest release :

V2.X.Y :

V1.X.Y :

Ecosystem V2 or V1.2 ? 

Currently if your product development is on Ecosystem v.1.2 and you're close to Mass production or starting a bring-up of your new PCB, ST recommend to stay on OpenSTLinux v1.2

The new OpenStLinux 2.0 is bringing some new features, and new SW from the communities that you may not need, thus a special care is needed if you want to migrate.

Hope this message will help you better catch our delivery strategy and avoid common pitfalls !


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