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SDIO card not found on boot

Associate II


we have a custom board based on the stm32mp151c. It has on sdmmc3 a Silicon Labs WF200 Wifi Card attached. We tested this setup with the stm32mp157c-dk2 and it worked fine. Now, we do not see the message during bootup:

mmc0: new high speed MMC card at address 0001

Which we should and which triggers the loading of the silicon labs driver.

If I reset the sdmmc with:

 echo 48004000.sdmmc > /sys/bus/amba/drivers/mmci-pl18x/unbind && sleep 2 && echo  48004000.sdmmc > /sys/bus/amba/drivers/mmci-pl18x/bind

The card is found.

This is the bootup, yellow is the reset GPIO, green is the sdmmc3 D2 pin, which must be high for the wf200 card to go into SDIO mode instead of SPI. Orange is clock.

This happens at boot:

0693W000008xHn7QAE.jpgAnd this is the behavior on manual reset after bootup:

0693W000008xHqdQAE.jpgThanks and Regards,