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OPTEE Device Tree when using I2C2 with STPMIC

Associate II

We have made a custom board which uses the STPMIC but it is on I2C2. Unfortunately we do not have time to remake the board to move the STPMIC to I2C4 or I2C6 so I am trying to get Linux to boot with a modified STM32MP157D-DK1. I have connected pins PD7 and PG15 (I2C2_SDA and I2C2_SCL respectively) to I2C pull-up resistors.

I made the patch to ARM Trusted Firmware as detailed on the PMIC page: and ARM Trusted Firmware boots to the point of loading BL32 (OPTEE-OS).

My understanding of the log attached is that the driver for the I2C2 is failing (along with the IWDG but I think that is because I haven't specified any timeouts). I am going to continue debugging the driver but if there was any more guidance it would be great? Thank you for your time 🙂

Associate II

Just a quick update. I removed the I2C2 node from the OPTEE board device tree (along with the STPMIC node and regulators) and created fixed regulators instead (for VDD, VDD_CORE, VDD_DDR and V3V3). This allows the kernel to boot but I feel like this is a bit of a hack not the proper solution to this problem so I would still like any advice