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Issue with USART1 Reset in U-Boot on STM32MP15 with TZEN

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I'm working with the STM32MP15 and have found a problem with USART1 during the boot process on a secure boot enabled (TZEN) hardware. The system freezes when U-Boot tries to reset USART1.

The problem is with the RCC_APB5RSTSETR register (0x188). This register, including the USART1RST bit, can only be changed in secure mode (by OP-TEE) because of the TZEN restriction. However, U-Boot (non-secure world) attempts to modify this register by default. This is because of arch/arm/dts/stm32mp15-u-boot.dtsi:

&usart1 {
    resets = <&rcc USART1_R>;

The ST devkits use UART4RST, this is not TZEN protected. But USART1 is and that causes a bus error:

The system freezes.

I solved this by using SCMI (so that OP-TEE does the actual reset):

resets = <&scmi_reset RST_SCMI_USART1>;

Initially, I thought to put this change in my stm32mp153c-custom-scmi.dtsi, but that ...u-boot.dtsi overrides it. So, the change needs to go in a stm32mp153c-custom-u-boot.dtsi.

It took me half a day to figure this all out. To help prevent this in the future, I suggest:

  • Maybe stm32mp15-u-boot.dtsi should have a note saying the RCC for USART1_R can only be changed when TZEN is off?
  • How about adding an error message in stm32-reset.c for attempts to change TZEN-protected registers?
  • Is creating a stm32mp153c-custom-scmi-u-boot.dtsi file a good idea for better organization?
  • Is ST planning to reorganize the STM32MP devkit DTS files to make them less confusing?

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.


ST Employee

Hello @HLee.21 ,
Sorry for the issue you faced, and we thank you for sharing this. This is really appreciated.
We will analyze it internally and correct it.

Kind regards,

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