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Inquiry about the situation where the vector does not operate during debugging in Stm32MP13.

Associate III


I am currently working on a project with the STM32MP131FA.

We are testing various peripherals and modules on our board.

When creating a project with STM32CubeMX, we encounter some issues. Therefore, we sometimes download and test DK examples on our board for comparison.

For instance, we have successfully tested DDR initialization by modifying the PMIC I2C part.

However, when running the USB example UX_Device_CDC_ACM, it does not work correctly at the Vector table.

Could you help identify where I might need to make modifications?

void Vectors(void) {

__asm__ volatile(

".align 7 \n"

"LDR PC, =Reset_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =Undef_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =SVC_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =PAbt_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =DAbt_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =Rsvd_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =IRQ_Handler \n"

"LDR PC, =FIQ_Handler \n"


ST Employee

Hello @SL1 ,


I don't have the issue you described with the UX_Device_CDC_ACM.

And I don't see neither the vectors table like you wrote it.
Did you make this example with cubeMX or did you use it like it is provided?


David B.