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GPU support while using X server in STM32MP157


I am trying to use the GPU with an application where using X display is a prerequisite. I have successfully used GPU previously with Qt5 and simple kms applications like kmscube, but cannot get it working with X. Mesa is always used as the renderer with 0% load on GPU. My question is that is this at all supported with the binaries packed in the gcnano repo?

The Yocto recipes point out the following (meta-st-stm32mp/conf/machine/include/ :


My doubt arises because of the following:

1) In mesa there is no * binary available for the particular GPU to support h/w acceleration.

2) If I look for suitable hardware drivers * files in xorg, there is no support for Vivante.

I could not find these anywhere in the ST resources as well.

I have tried using "etnaviv" too, but not much luck there.

The last point is that ST wiki doesn't have much documentation on the GPU.

Is there any way to procure or access them?

P.S: Please excuse me , if some information is missing. If pointed out, I will edit them in. Thanks in advance.