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Complex Project idea on STM32MP1 DK2?

Associate II

I am working on STM32MP1 DK2 as a Hobby Project, can anyone suggest me a complex project to get to a linux + RTOS based project developement. I want to get an hands on idea on RTOS + Linux project. I saw a video of Zephyr project with Intel which ran linux and RTOS by partitioning SD Card, I would like to work on such a complex project. Please help me with good resources on such projects?

Principal III

Some ideas: Use the M4 for some real-time data processing and the A7 for some "heavy" GUI + networking + database stuff. Kind of a logic analyzer, spectroscope, function generator / polyphone synthesizer.

There is one repo which I would like to explore more. But, since it has a very straightforward open issue for nearly a year, it seems abandoned by the vendor.