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Custom machine outside /meta-st/

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I want to create a custom machine for my board. I've found the wiki page "how to create your own machine" but this assumes you create your own layer/machine inside meta-st, but I want my machine to be inside /layers/.

I want this outside meta-st because I want to add the machine inside a git repo, meta-st-stm32mp-addons is already a git repo on its own.

I want to setup my distribution package the following way, is this possible, and how?

repo init -u -b refs/tags/openstlinux-6.1-yocto-mickledore-mp1-v23.06.21
repo sync
git clone <git server/repo that contains custom layer + machine> ./layers/meta-mylayer/
DISTRO=openstlinux-weston MACHINE=my-custom-machine(inside meta-mylayer) source layers/meta-st/scripts/
bitbake st-image-core


ST Employee

Hello @allard.potma ,
Regarding your wish, I think there are only 2 solutions to get what you want : 

1) (Easiest one) - Create your own manifest based on the one ST provides, to add your own git repo inside, and then avoid to first clone the repo manifest, sync and then clone your own git. It is is not so difficult to modify.

2) (Hard one) - Modify the envsetup script to extend the scope of machine research, but I really think you will face troubles to process like this.

Kind regards,

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