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Updating advertisement packet after waking up from standby mode (WB15CC)

Associate II


My application (WB15CC) stays most of the time in standby mode transmitting the advertainment packet. After a couple of minutes, the advertainment packet must be updated. When I try to update the packet after waking up from the standby mode, the firmware hangs on any of the GAP API routines, e.g. aci_gap_set_non_discoverable()aci_gap_set_discoverable()  or aci_gap_update_adv_data().

I've edited the startup code by adding the CPUcontextSave and CPUcontextRestore routines, similar to the BLE_HeartRate example, to restore the CPU context when waking up from the standby mode. Indeed, the CPU is restored correctly I am able to register a new task inside the UTIL_SEQ_PostIdle() routine, however my task can't update the packet.


Can someone elucidate me what are the steps to update the advertisement packet when coming out of the standby mode?


ST Employee

Hello @rs-dp 

To update the advertising data without stopping the advertising, I suggest you use the command ACI_GAP_UPDATE_ADV_DATA.

Best Regards.


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