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STM32WB55 how to upgrade FUS throw OTA

Senior II

Hi !

I want to update FUS by OTA.

In AN5185, #3.1 FUS Upgrade/Operation instructions is writed:

"Write the FUS image in the user Flash memory at the address indicated in the FUS image directory readme.txt file."

But this address is 0x080EC000, and it is in an inaccessible place for user.

Question: what is a right address where to write FUS image for upgrade ?

Or can it be subtracted from the value of SFSA the number of pages of firmware fus (0xCC - 0x6)  ?

Senior II

Hei !

Is there any member of the STM employee ?

ST Employee

Indeed you cannot write it anywhere as there is a projected area where the current FUS and RF stack are already installed.

So the best it to load it at SFSA - Code size or at 0x08007000 just above the OTA application.

Hi, Remi.

I assumed that this should be done, but since it has not been written about anywhere, I asked you as a successful specialist.

Your answer is comprehensive.