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ST ble sensor no device founded


Hi all

I'm new on stm32 ble applications.

Starting from st example BLE_OTA I developed my custom bootloader for my STM32WB55 nucleo board.

I encountered the following issues:

1) St ble sensor mobile app (from play store) can't detect my device; I compiled the source code ( but I'm not able to detect the problem  

2) By setting ServiceClass UUID1 = FE20, St ble toolbox  detects and connects to the board but when I push "Over The Air Update Server" the app crashes; adding UUID2 = 180D I have the same issues. By setting UUID1 = 180D and UUID2 = FE20 St ble toolbox works fine.

Attached you can find .ioc file.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

ST Employee

Hello @kappa182  and welcome to the ST Community 😊.

I suggest you follow the details of the AN5247 to have better understanding for the OTA application. Then try to follow the instructions of this application note on your use case.

Best Regards.


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