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LoRaWAN Stack Power Management between TX and RX


Hi everyone 


I am developing the Software for a low-power application with energy harvesting. Thus, the energy requirements are extreme and we have to save as much as possible.


Currently, we are looking at the time Between Tx and R1 and R2 windows. How is it possible to reduce the energy consumption? 
Between sending packages I go into the stopmode which reduces the energy consumption greatly. I was thinking about using this too. Set the timer to wake up shortly before the R1 window and do the same between R1 and R2. But this feels like a hack. 

What is the STM intended way to reduce energy consumption?  It doesn't have to be as low as stop mode. But if I get it down to about 100uA it would be amazing! 

Down below you see my latest measurement. You see the first spike which is TX and the two smaller spikes which are the R1 and R2 windows. Before I finally go back to stop mode I stay currently awake (testing/debugging / monitoring things ) 





What might be also important: 

I have to wait until the communication is done (R2 finished). I can't switch to a different state and do something else.


I am working with bare Metal C 

The initial code was created using the CubeMX example but heavily refactored since then. 



Nikolas Zeitler