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I'm unable to connect to the ZigBee network


I'm trying to create a new ZigBee network frame for STM32WB55RG Zigbee 3 and DIGI Zigbee 3, but it's not working,

My request is :

  1. How to configure Zigbee network step by step
  2. How to set unique PAN-ID
  3. How to set 64 bit MAC address
  4. How to send and Received data thought ZigBee 3
ST Employee

Hello @Hari96,

Thanks for the post and welcome to the community.

To answer your question and get started with ZigBee for STM32WB Series, please find below a ZigBee guide that describes the commissioning process step by step and the way to configure the network parameters.

You can also have access to a multiple project examples following our Github repo :

Best regards,


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