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Bootloader for STM32WB55

Associate III

I have written bootloader for F0 and F1 series. These are pretty straight forward and lots of flavors available on Github. However I cannot adopt the same strategy for the WB55. The reference documents on memory mention a standard bootloader and an OTA boot loader which are actually mapped to a different memory location compared to the other processors. Is there any thing special that i need to do? I have to develop my own boot loader as I have not been able to use the wifi stack with ZigBee successfully. I am using a third party radio so cant really use the built in radio features of the WB55.

ST Employee

You should focus on the standard bootloader of the WB. It should not be much different compared to other STM32s.

The OTA bootloader is quite specific to wireless devices. For this one, you may have a look at application note AN5247: Over-the-air application and wireless firmware update.

Standard bootloader just does not fit my requirements. I have mentioned in another thread, that I am forced to use a third party zigbee radio. I send my firmware update over the air so have to use my own code.