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Bluenrg-2, Calling BTLE_StackTick() in ISR of a periodic timer.



I use BlueNRG-2 in my project and the archive library libbluenrg1_stack.a.
I use Project for BLE always connected and other operations like saving data in Flash; I need to call BTLE_StackTick() periodically.
I faced problems in the project, like Disconnection reason 0x22 and latency to raise Vtimer cb, and I think it's related to the calling of the BTLE_StackTick().

Can I call BTLE_StackTick() in the ISR of a periodic timer instead of calling it from the main while loop?
I need to make sure that I call it periodically without any latency. Is it a valid option to call it from ISR?
I tried to use it inside ISR, but I faced many disconnections, reason 0x22, 0x8, and many system resets.
How should I handle it?