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Moving GFX Implementation from M7 to M4 in Dual Core?

Associate II

I have an STM32H745 Discovery board (this is a dual core micro). I used the provided GFX Designer template to generate a shell project, and I note that the default core for the GFX implementation is the M7, and there seems to be no way to choose the M4 instead. There is no reason why an M4 cannot run the RTOS and GFX code, and it would be to my advantage to reserve the higher power M7 for other tasks. 

Question: is it possible to choose the M4 before generating the code? Has anyone done this?

(And, to the ST/GFX team: if this ability does not exist, could it?)




Hello @VO ,

Unfortunately, there is no option to choose Cortex-M4 as the main core for TouchGFX in the designer, and the default core is Cortex-M7 in the TouchGFX Board Setup to ensure an adequate performance.

However, you can manually start a new project from STM32CubeMX and base your TouchGFX project on that. There are comprehensive documentations about how to start a custom project that you can access from here .

I have also seen other users successfully running TouchGFX applications on Cortex-M4 using Dual Core boards, so looking through this forum can help you as well. 

Don't hesitate to ask more questions
Best regards,

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Hello @VO ,

Have you managed to run TouchGFX on cortex-m4 ?

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX