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io ports not controlling

Associate II

sir we are using the stm32f7508-dk board , code is generated  through touchgfx working properly (display part). when add led toggle code , led not toggling ,

ST Employee

Hello @kishor ,

I guess you want to toggle the led by pressing a digital button on the display.

To interact with something outside the screen (ex : the hardware or another screen), you should use the Model-View-Presenter Design Pattern used by TouchGFX.
Here is the documentation about the MVP Design Pattern :  MVP design pattern 
Here is the tutorial using the MVP Design Pattern : MVP tutorial 

There is also a Youtube video about that wher Gustavo show how to use a harware button to toggle a rectangle on the screen but e also shows how to use a digital buttn on the screen to toggle a hardware led : TouchGFX GUI and Hardware Interaction

Sharing the "led toggle code" and your process cold help us understand the issue.

Hope this helps.

Don’t hesitate to give us a feedback or give more precisions and tell us if the issue is solved! 😊


Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)