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GUI_BARCODE_Draw & GUI_QR_CreateFramed missing from STemWin ?



I am using the cubemx (older version that still had it included) generated STemWin library on an STM32F429 and I just tried adding support for creating barcodes and QR codes to my project, but it turns out the functions do not seem to exist in STemWineven though they are in the emwin documentation, eg Drawing barcodes . The function just above it ( GUI_DrawGraph) is however present in GUI.h so i am pretty sure I am looking at the right location.

What is going on ?

Is STemWin only providing a subset of the emWin functionality ?

Or ss there something in CubeMX I have to enable to get all functions , or maybe download the full lib from somewhere else ?

If it is not supported can I get an overview of what is missing to avoid future unpleasant surprises ?



Associate III

Current STemWin is based on emWin 5.4.4 which was released three years ago. GUI_Q_Create_framed function was added as new feature with version 6.12 released April in this year. No, it is not supported with STemWin.

You can check emWin's version update history after 5.4.4 in the emWin manual (UM03001) which clearly states what feature has been added since then.


Ok thanks for the feedback. More a question for ST then, are there plans to update Stemwin to a more recent version of Emwin ? I understand ST would like to promote touchgfx, but given the limitations of that GIUI library it is unusable for my project (the main problem being that you have to design your gui before compile time , while i need something that supports creating gui elements at runtime).