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Where can i find source code/examples for STWBC uC?

Associate II

I've searched through the internet but i'm not able to find any firmware or source for coding the STWBC, atleast a few examples on how to do it. STM provides a binary as firmware to download and use it directly on the evaluation board.

But i want to interface this chip with another STM32F chip and use it for some applications. For my life, i cannot find any reference to any code or what to do with the chip clearly.

Please help me find some examples or source code


This is a primarily user-driven forum, with casual ST presence.

With this question you want to contact ST directly, through web support form or FAE, especially since the DS directly says so:

2 firmware options

– Turnkey solution for quick design

– APIs available for application

customization (a)

Peripherals available via APIs (a)

a. Contact local sale representative for further details: