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Upload .bin files on windowsthrough the USB interface


Hi, I just decided to try mbed OS 6 for programming my NUCLEO-WB15CC. Compilation is successful, but when i try to flash the compiled .bin file, the operation fails saying that a device was not connected even though it was. I am guessing it is because my board does not show up as shown here (source : another post on another forum, referenced below)

So I have two questions.

1) Why cannot I flash my board directly from MBED CLI ? is it because the board does not appear as a USB drive ?

2) Is there any way to show my device as a usb device as shown in the picture so that I can at least drag and drop the .bin ? I tried installing the driver mentioned in the solution here. The installation was successful, but it did not solve my problem.

Any help in resolving this will be appreciated. Thank you.