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Suitable MCU for Fingerprint Device for Access and Attendance ?


I am planning to develop fingerprint device based on STM32H7R3V8 or similar. It will have 1:1, and 1:N finger matching, and communicate over LAN, WiFi.

Will the above MCU be sufficient for a 25,000 users (i.e. 50,000 fingerprints) capacity device and perform well? Kindly suggest a suitable MCU.


The sensor vendors might be better placed to provide detail on resources needed, and how that scales with the size of the data base.

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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

STM32H7R3V8 has wired Ethernet but no wi-fi. You'll need to add a wi-fi interface and obviously the fingerprint reader.

Do you need a fancy GUI (LCD, video frame memory... all that stuff) or text/low-res display?

STM32H7R3V8 looks like overkill. A less powerful MCU can be used, possibly with external flash for fingerprint database and peripherals mentioned above. Consider also security requirements. You'll want tamper protection (so, additional sensors) and good encryption for your biometric database.

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