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STM32H750B-DK use LTDC_Paint example in new project

Associate II


I am using the STM32H750B-DK board and would like to use the LCD and touch screen in my project. I have been looking at the existing LTDC_Paint example (STM32CubeH7/Projects/STM32H750B-DK/Applications/Display/LTDC_Paint at master · STMicroelectronics/STM32CubeH7 ( for my board, but I am struggling to understand which files/folders (such as the Utilities folder and BSP subfolders etc.) I require to include into my project to be able to execute the code and perhaps which things need to be generated through the .ioc file in my project.

Basically, I would like to create a new project in STM32CubeIDE (inside which I would be using X-CUBE-AI) in which I would be able to draw on the touch screen (I do not require any of the additional features such as saving the drawing to USB storage).

I would really appreciate it if I could get some steps which I could follow to:

-include all required files/folders (BSP, Utilities etc), which are required by the LTDC_Paint example for said functionality, into my project;

-set up specific settings of the board in the .ioc file (if required for the project to work, as for instance I have noticed SDRAM related settings in the code);

-and perhaps get pointers on which code I require for said functionality as I have been looking only at the code within the main.c file and am not sure if any additional code is required from the other listed files or if that code is only related to the additional non-drawing functionalities.

I would be very thankful for any help received.