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STM32H745 ethernet and telnet uart!

Associate II

Hi All,

 I am looking to use the STM32H745 dual-core chip in my next design. I currently use a CH9121 device that handles the transparent ethernet to UART bridge for me and looking to incorporate this functionality into the STM32H745 on the M4 processor and internally send/receive UART serial data from/to the M4 processor to the M7 processor. Although the CH9121 device works well for my application I want a low parts count design and if I am going to be using a high-power dual-core chip, might as well incorporate the ethernet bridge into the design. The host PC will mainly use LightBurn and Laser GRBL and both use TELNET. Is this possible to do with the STM32H745? Please let me know.


Eric Norton


> Is this possible to do with the STM32H745?

Of course it is possible. Handling ethernet and LwIP will introduce quite a bit more complexity to the program than if you were just handling UART. Don't need a dual core processor for that, but it's certainly an option.

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I'm mainly concerned with data throughput. I want the one processor handling the ethernet stuff while the other is handling the data and motion control stuff. For slow speeds, I'd consider just using one processor but since I want high-speed operation I am thinking of having them reside in two different processors. How is TELNET handled inside the STM32H device? I guess I need to familiarize myself with the protocol. Maybe I might just stay with my current setup since it is already done and it is a cheaper solution and works well aside from having to set up the ethernet connection but that can be shown to the customer. 


STM32 doesn't have a hardware IP stack. You'll need to implement a telnet client using LwIP or similar. No doubt you can find a telnet client example online, or at the very least a TCP client in order to adapt to your particular needs.


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