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stm32f103 modbus rtu-485 with Delta hmi

Mahmoud Al Abrash
Posted on April 02, 2018 at 15:31

Hello, My name is Mahmoud form Turkey,

I'm trying to connect Delta Hmi with modbus protocol using RS485 connection method. I use STM32F103C8 microcontroller. I'm trying to apply to finish my internship project, I know that I cant directly connect MCU with HMI using modbus so I get MAX485 chip.

I have found some library but I can't figure it out.


any body can help


I still fresh on stm32 topics


Sorry, bumping old zombie unanswered questions off my feed.

Discuss with your peers and supervisor

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parth kothiya

i have also facing same problem i'm using RS-232 to communicate with HMI.

But i can't find any MODBUS library for STM32 MCU.



i am studying about STM32 and that is exactly what i cant to do from last week.

i want to run Delta Hmi as a master with modbus protocol using RS485 connected to stm32f030f4 that reads some analog data. until now i did not find flawless library.

i am now trying to do this by flowcode.

did you succeed to do this????

i really need help if you could. please be in touch with me by my email: