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Semi Hosting to Putty

Associate III




Is it possible using an ST Link from a 20 pin JTAG connector to interface with an MCU to send and receive commands via UART to PUTTY/Real Term  perhaps another protocol? 

I need it to do through the st link to avoid any hardware dependecies.

or a device on the market that can be purchased to enable this functionality.


I am aware  of using an uat to usb chip but was wondering if it can be used through st link ?



Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Or use a Segger J-link instead of ST_Link, and use the Segger's semihosting (RTT) and utilities.

The ST-LINK/V2 does not have a UART/VCP connection, it can use PB3/SWO for a SWV Serial Wire Viewer interface, with a terminal in tools like STM32 Cube Programmer

The ST-LINK/V3SET has a UART RX/TX going to a VCP you could open in a classic terminal application

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