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reprogramming STEVAL-STWINKT1B using RS-485


I have used the evaluation board (STEVAL-STWINKT1B) for a while now, and have always used USB cable to load my hex files to reprogram it.

I would like to repogram it using RS-485 with the Stm32CubeProgrammer, is this possible? do I need to make any adjustments to make it possible or is this supported using a virigin board?
Could you provide a simple guide/walkthrough how to accomplish this?

In the future I plan to use STM32L4R9ZI coupled with an RS-485 transciever without the evaluation board and I want to experiment and test RS-485 reprogramming prior to that.


I was unable to use the built-in RS-485 transceiver to reprogram the STEVAL-STWINKT1B. This is due to the built-in transceiver being connected to USART2 using pins PD5 and PD6, instead of the default USART2 boot mode pins PA3 and PA2 on the STM32L4R9ZI. Additionally, I'm unsure if the half-duplex nature of RS-485 could pose another issue if I were to use different USART pins that are supported in boot mode.

However, I managed to successfully reprogram the Discovery kit with the STM32L4R9AI MCU using RS-232 and RS-422, which uses a similar MCU, as a proof of concept.