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Hello Team,


I am trying to implement a bootloader for stm32f769 controller, My bootloader code resides in sector 0 and application code in sector 5. But I am not able to jump from bootloader code to application code. Any help will be highly useful.


Bootloader code - 0x08000000

Application code - 0x08040000


Below is my Bootloader code :


void goto_application(void)
printf("Gonna Jump to Application\n");
  void (*app_reset_handler)(void) = (void*)(*((volatile uint32_t*) (0x08040000+4)));
  SCB->VTOR = 0x08040000;
  __set_MSP(*(volatile uint32_t*) 0x08040000);
  /* Jump to application */
  app_reset_handler();    //call the app reset handler



vamshi kumar


ST Employee

Hello @vamshi_kumar

Make sure that all peripherals used by your application are reset to the default state before jumping to the bootloader.

Also, I invite you to follow this FAQ: How to jump to system bootloader from application ... - STMicroelectronics Community

Hope that helps!

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