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Is possible to create a custom bin to gather all the data with a short period time and later show all on the screen using serial COM?


We are testing motor failure detection using the "STEVAL-IDP005V1" sensor in conjunction with the "STEVAL_UKI001V1" card on a core stm32. The idea is to be able to capture all the possible data in a short period of time (5 seconds approx), which is the operating time of the motor.

Currently we connect to the sensor through a COM port and read the data, but the resolution is very low, it does not give us enough data. I understand that this may be a limitation of the UART protocol so I wanted to know if it is possible to save all this raw data and then show it by console.


I see that board uses STM32F205RB, you have about 128kB of SRAM available, you could fill the SRAM during 5seconds and then dump the data slowly (maybe using DMA if your core is busy).

How much is enough data for you?

Is about 100KB enough space for your 5seconds worth of data?

COM ports are a PC interface, Are you mixing the concept of UART and COM ports?

we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk