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How to set SAI and enable DMA for pdm mic on STM32L476RG-Nucleo board

shenghua yang
Associate III

Hi All:
We have a project to receive pdm microphone based on the STM32L476RG-Nucleo board.

We hope to use the SAI to get PDM M1/M2 data vis PDM decoder.

The audio clk is 192KHz and the data size is 16 bits in the system.


First we used the cube MX to generate the SAI_B function and its parameter is as the following.


We can't see any sample codes in the stm32L476.



How to enable the SAI signal to the PDM decoder in the HAL?
Which function is need to enable the SAI for PDM microphone?
How to use DMA to get the audio data then send to the PC by USB IF?
Is there sample codes for reference or any suggestion?

Best Regards,Sheng-Hua