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How to flash STM32 MCU from yocto Linux using UART


Hello community, 

I'm working on a project where, on the same board, a SOM (system on module) will run Yocto Linux and an STM32F466 MCU will run bare metal code. I want to update MCU firmware from the SOM using USART communication. From the SOM I can control BOOT0, BOOT1, and RESET pins of the MCU. The USART communication between the MCU and the SOM is made through the USART1 (PA10 and PA9). Also, I2C communication is available (i2c1) between the two devices.

My question is, what software could I use to flash the MCU from the Yocto Linux? Is there any free software tool that runs on Linux?





If you can open a TTY and implement AN3155 you'll be fine.

Perhaps look at tools like "stm32flash" that implement the protocol, or the firmware update tools for the Arduino MKR 1300 WAN board, it pushes a firmware into an STM32L072 within a Murata LoRa module via the serial port, and BOOT0/RESET

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