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Full FW compatibility between STM32H743XI and STM32H753XI

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We're currently using the STM32H743XI for a project, but I we need to switch the STM32H753 for supply reasons.

From what I could tell, switching to the STM32H753 should be 100% binary compatible, but I'd like to make sure.

Is there any document which explicitly states that a FW built for the STM32H743 would work for the 753?


They are the same IC, one has a subset of functionality disabled.

There are multiple H743/H753 die, and some of those frankly have significantly more differences between them than the presence or absence of HASH/CRYP units. Perhaps review the errata as a starting point, and DBG MCU's DEVID reporting.

An official answer, perhaps work with your FAE

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Pavel A.
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AFAIK there is no such document. From my limited experience, firmware built for H743 runs on H753 (with same suffix) and v.v., of course except of the crypto.

Software can detect presence of the crypto features in runtime.

Note that if H753 secure stuff is activated in a wrong way by mistake, it can brick the chip.