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Does anyone know if the adafruit R8875 display driver is compatible with the STM32F429?


I am considering purchasing this for an MP3 player project that I was assigned to but I can't find anything definitive online to make me think that it is interfaceable with this microcontroller as all the examples and videos are done with Arduino. I also don't know if touchGFX generated code for my discovery kit would properly work on any display that I have connected through the driver. Does anyone have any experience with this component?


>>..are done with Arduino

Look at the driver / library source, make a determination if you can port them to equivalent interface(s) on the STM32

Correct,. the discovery board code/drivers probably not going to work. Board itself has very few resources left as most pins committed to SDRAM and SCREEN

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Principal III

Hi, forget working example.

I made a player, MP3 , flac, wav, on F411, F401 and now H743 . but with ST7735 TFT, lib from Arduino, mp3 and flac lib from git . just my hobby, about 700 hours now. Sound is great.

good luck !  🙂


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