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Debug message "Failed to assign value 8000f4d, to register 0" with STM32L432KC and CubeIDE

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Since a few minutes, I'm experiencing a problem in CubeIDE v1.10.1 when I try to debug my code. Here is the message I'm getting in the console window:

File download complete
Time elapsed during download operation: 00:00:00.818
Verifying ...
Download verified successfully 
Failed to assign value 8000f4d, to register 0
Failed to assign value 2000fff8, to register 0
Failed to assign value 8001070, to register 0

The same code on Mac is running and debugging properly.

Any clue to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot!


Seems to be a comms failure.

Check quality of USB cables, avoid hubs and docking stations.

Make sure part is not going into low-power states.

STM32L432KC on a custom board, or some ST board?

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It is a ST Nucleo board.I followed your advice but it didn't improve the situation. Therefore I desinstalled CubeIBE and will give a try with a fresh install.


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I have the same problem. I tried two programmers, two USB cables, and two boards (different MCU) reinstalling everything (cubeMX, cubePROG, cubeIDE) and the problem still persists.

I have no idea what to try now, maybe another PC? But it's not a solution.

Thank you,


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I have the same issue during debugging, I keep having to go back to compare current "...launch" file to working ".launch" files for my program and it sometimes fixes the issue.