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STM32H735-DK Audio recording from codec WM8994 always capture zero value.

IDe P.2

I have a STM32H735-DK and I'm trying to get an audio data from codec WM8994. I programmed the SAI1-A to be SLAVE_RX while SAI1-B is MASTER_TX. I programmed the codec input INL1. Everithing seems to be fine, the DMA fifohalffull and fifofull are generated but audio samples are always zero. can you give me some suggestions?

Bouraoui Chemli
ST Employee

Please refer to SAI audio play example provided in STM32CubeH7 firmware via this path: STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.9.1\Projects\STM32H735G-DK\Examples\SAI\SAI_AudioPlay