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MCSDK Encoder Alignment

Associate II


I m new at ST MCSDK and i was reading some documents about mcsdk position control until waiting for my custom board arrive. I have few questions about encoder mounting and alignment operation.

According to the documant AN5464; it seems that for fine positining bldc needs encoder alignment procedure before starting application. If Z index preset, motor will turn 360degree until it find out Z index signal. Without Z signal what will happen on the algorithm ? Without Z signal , can it be turn smooth at ultra low speeds or first commutation with fine positining  ?  Can you explain with more details ?

In my country its really hard to find low voltage ac servo motor which factory default encoder attached. For this reason i thought that maybe i can attach an encoder to the custom drone motor.There are lot of drone motor types available in my country at very low cost but unfortunaly as you know they have neither encoder nor hall sensor includes. If i buy one of those motors and attach an encoder to it , that would be very low cost application which is perfect. The problem is i dont know how to aling encoder on it. Manufacturers has not spesified those detailed informations of course maybe inductance and back emf values can be supported but not for rotor alignment.Do you know how to do it  and how things works? Do you have any idea or advice to me ?

Thank you.