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INTERNAL ERROR (Stm32com Exception)

Valerian G.
Associate II


I am currently using X-CUBE-AI library to run neural networks on a stm32h747. I successfully generated and validated on board single input and output networks, but when I execute the validation through CLI with a multi output network, I get an internal ERROR (text below).

I can't find any information about this error on the web or in the documentation. Where could I find any information on the error ?

$ stm32ai validate --mode stm32 -m Data/models_stm/343/model.tflite -d 7500000 --verbosity 2

Neural Network Tools for STM32 v1.3.0 (AI tools v5.1.1)

Using TensorFlow backend.

-- Importing model

-- Importing model - done (elapsed time 0.201s)

-- Building X86 C-model

-- Building X86 C-model - done (elapsed time 0.517s)

-- Setting inputs (and outputs) data

Using random inputs, shapes=[(10, 6400)] dtype=[float32]

-- Running STM32 C-model

ON-DEVICE STM32 execution ("network", None, 7500000)..

<Stm32com id=0x7f0423450eb8 - CONNECTED(/dev/ttyACM0/7500000) devid=0x450/STM32H743/53/50xx and STM32H745/55/47/57xx msg=2.1>

 0x450/STM32H743/53/50xx and STM32H745/55/47/57xx @480MHz/240MHz (FPU is present) lat=4 Core:I$/D$

 found network(s): ['network']

 description  : 'network' 1->[43]->2 macc=49850547 rom=259.68KiB ram=208.88KiB

 tools versions : rt=(5, 1, 0) tool=(5, 1, 1)/(1, 3, 0) api=(1, 1, 0) "Tue Aug 11 09:40:31 2020"

Running with inputs (10, 80, 80, 1)..

.INTERNAL ERROR: E100(Stm32comError): Stm32com exception: Invalid state: 4 instead 2